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We Love '80s Rockers

Mullets, Bulges, and Tight Leather Pants
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Did the big hair make you swoon?
Did the tight leather pants turn you on?
Do you think that the '80s should never have ended?

Well, us here at 80s_rockers love the rock bands of the '80s and we decided we should celebrate them by dedicating a whole community to them. Because, without them, music (and some parts of life) wouldn't be what it is today.

Here you can share the love with pictures, icons, gossip, news and whatever else you can think of.


Cassie- rocknrolltaurus
Megan- benvolio87


1. Respect the members of the community. It's not that hard.
2. No spamming. Take it somewhere else.
3. Put pictures under an LJ cut. We don't want people's friend's lists getting mad at us.
4. Dreams/Fantasies also should go under a cut. Not all people want to read them.
5. Don't be dissing any band here. You'll be warned or banned.
6. Foul language is accepted, but only to a certain extent. A few words here and there is fine, but if the whole post contains of foul language, you earn yourself a warning.
7. You'll get warned three times before you are banned from the community. But exceptions may be made in more serious offenses.
8. Put anything PG-13+ (pictures, stories, etc.) behind a cut.
9. Opinions are welcome. But don't turn it into drama. We aren't a drama community.
10. Type intelligently. If we (the mods) can't read what you're saying, your post will be deleted. Try avoiding chatspeak and PLEASE, use punctuation. It'll make everybody's lives easier.
11. Have fun =)!

New members:

Introduce yourself to the community! Don't worry. We're nice people =) Tell us whatever you like about yourself. Your age, name, favorite bands.. anything.

LJ Cut Code:

<*lj-cut text="Whatever you want the name of the link to be"*>Type whatever you like here<*/lj-cut*>

Just remove the stars =)


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Made by demonic_taurus